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» Congratulations!

Now is the time for you to focus on good health and getting as fit as possible while you prepare to bring your baby (or babies!) into the world. Not as easy as it sounds, right? We know it’s a challenge, especially as your growing baby bump adds weight and fluid that can imbalance your body.

For so many expectant moms this leads to discomfort and even severe pain as swelling increases. Maternity related aches and pains are many, yet this journey to motherhood is one of the most incredible experiences in a lifetime. Enjoy it so much more by taking steps to reduce discomfort.

» Our customers love the LAYLA™ Maternity Bodysuit

Hundreds of pregnant women just like you have tried the LAYLA™ Maternity Bodysuit and found it relieves common symptoms of pregnancy such as lower back pain, sciatica, fatigue, joint stress and more. Some women have told us they’ve even experienced an easier labor and delivery thanks to wearing LAYLA™ Maternity Bodysuit during their pregnancy.

“My lower back pain was intense. Wearing the LAYLA™ relieved that pain and even made me less tired at the end of the day. I’m convinced my swelling was less, too. I wish they had this product when I was pregnant with my first child. If you’re looking for a completely natural, comfortable way to alleviate back and joint pain during pregnancy, this is it!” - Candace M.

Posture experts and OBGYN doctors agree that this unique garment supports the growing abdomen while improving posture. The result is reduced pregnancy-related pain.

“Good posture is crucial for expecting mothers. It allows them to breathe more deeply, improving circulation, digestion and balance,” notes Dr. Eric Jacoby, MD, FACOG “I recommend the LAYLA™ Bodysuit to all my patients during and post pregnancy and the feedback overwhelmingly affirms that this product is a MUST have for everyday comfort.”

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Posture = Beauty

All of the revolutionary LAYLA™ products are based on advanced technology and years of research. LAYLA™ incorporates Neuro-bands to provide Effortless Posture Correction, Proper Body Alignment, Increased Mobility, Efficient Breathing, and have More Energy. This makes you look longer and leaner, and feel more balanced, naturally. You won’t find any other body shapers or girdles like them on the market today.

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Posture = Health For the Whole Family

You shouldn’t be the only one in your family enjoying automatic posture correction. Posture is vital to your children’s health and it allows your partner to move easier, breathe deeper, and work more efficiently. Check out the full line of Evidence Based Apparel for the entire family.

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Tone and Slenderize

LAYLA™ body shapers are made with unique, copper-infused fabrics that tone, slim and even reduce the appearance of cellulite on your abdomen, hips and thighs. Stand taller and lose your muffin top, too, with LAYLA™ each and every day underneath your clothes. It’s also great for exercise!

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